THE TRICK SPIN FLYING DISC - The only flying disc incorporating a ball bearing component. This patented, high-tech innovation allows the player to balance the disc vertically, horizontally, and even upside down, while spinning continuously on the player's fingers, nose, elbows, and even toes. This ultimately enables the player to perform a multitude of free-style tricks and maneuvers not possible with that of any other disc.

Designed for maximum free-wheeling spin, the player can produce minutes of continuous spin in a single maneuver. This is especially exciting, for it allows the player an extended period of time to perform lengthy free-style routines.

Not only will the player enjoy the fun and excitement of mastering the TRICK SPIN, but will also gain the benefits of improving their flexibility, agility, and eye-to-hand coordination, all at the same time. With just minutes of practice each day, and a little imagination, the possibilities of creating new and innovative tricks and routines are endless.

Whether your sport is free-style playing, group games, team competition, or an individual player seeking a challenge, order the TRICK SPIN today, and enjoy the ultimate spin action disc.


How To Master The Trick Spin Flying Disc

The main purpose of this sports disc is designed with a ball bearing center, so you can toss, catch and balance the spinning disc on various areas of your body while performing various tricks. This can be very challenging, but rewarding as you improve your hand to eye coordination and master these tricks with regularity.

There are 3 basic steps to performing these tricks: Tossing of the TRICK SPIN the Spinning of the TRICK SPIN, and the catching of the TRICK SPIN. As you improve these skills, you will also improve your flexibility, as you train yourself to perform these maneuvers.

Keep in mind, when catching the spinning TRICK SPIN, allow your middle finger or your index finger, whichever you feel more comfortable with, to follow the descent speed of the TRICK SPIN, so to cushion the contact zone when it meets your finger. This will avoid the TRICK SPIN from bouncing off your finger. For purposes of these instructions, I will reference the players middle finger, since the middle finger seems to allow for more balance and control of the TRICK SPIN when performing these routines and tricks. 

Each trick is designed with one specific maneuver in mind. However, to verify the skill level of each player, each specific maneuver is performed in succession and repeated several times to qualify as a completed routine. This is without question, much more difficult than performing just one specific maneuver at a time. That being said, I encourage each player to start off performing each trick individually, then repeat the trick as you get comfortable with these moves. If you practice regularly, you will master these moves, and the trick itself and reduce the level of difficulty significantly.

Have fun and stay challenged!

Mission Statement for Ultra Sport and the Trick Spin Flying Disc

Ultra Sport is committed to providing a new and alternative form of flying disc entertainment. We have incorporated a ball bearing component into the center of our flying disc which has provided a new form of challenge and required accuracy to master the many new tricks that have been invented so far. With this commitment, we are excited to introduce the Trick Spin Flying Disc. We believe this new disc will promote a new sport that will focus on the players, specifically catching and maneuvering the disc from the center of the contact zone. This new form of freestyle play is quite challenging for the player, and most gratifying when the player can master a complex maneuver. It is even more challenging while attempting to complete complex maneuvers in a competitive environment.

In an attempt to forecast the future of the Trick Spin Flying Disc, Ultra Sport hopes to someday provide a competitive environment that will focus on players mastering the accuracy, precision, and artistry, that will be graded and rewarded, depending on the successful completion of the trick attempted. A new sport, where hand to eye coordination is critical. The challenge is apparent, since the players have only a 1 square inch area to catch the spinning disc in the contact zone, and maneuver the disc to perform various tricks and routines. These routines will require a great deal of practice to be consistent, and if performed in a competitive environment, would require nerves of steel and the confidence and agility to handle the pressure of performing a perfectly executed routine.